SST has developed an integral fuel leak detection system that allows to 24/7 monitor any facility. Using a modular design and unique IoT technology, product integration can fit any requirements.

Fuel leaks are always a risk for companies dealing with large amounts of hydrocarbons. Now, being safe is easier than ever thanks to Smart Sensor Technology and its integral solution.
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Management of fuel and petrol is always a sensitive activity, moreover environmental control push companies to spend both staff and money to ensure that everything is OK.

We developed our fuel leak detection system focused to be worker-friendly, so the installation and set up of the devices can be achieve in less than one day without civil work or special equipment.

Our main industry sectors are Petrol Stations, Storage Tanks, Ports, Airports, Refineries and Chemical plants.


Our multidisciplinary team that integrates environmental experts and engineers.

After years of experience and research we have created a robust fuel leak detection system that allows you to focus in your core business with the reliability that your facility will be protected against leakages.

SST systems are easy to install, don't require civil work and last 7 years with no maintenance.
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The system does not require wires, therefore, the installation is notably cheap because no civil work is needed, your facility will be protected in a day!


Thanks to our RF modules you can finally forget about wires. ¿Remember that location that you wanted to monitor but was far away from a power plug? Now you can do it.


As a result of developing work, we came up with a strong fuel leak detection system that can be placed in hazardous areas.

Easy to install

Few minutes per monitoring point without carrying out works. Plug and play fuel leak detection system easy to install and to use.

Long lasting

Forget about maintenance and replacements. 7 years lasting fuel leak detection system with no maintenance at all.


No false alarms. The sensor works by physical chemical reaction. If there is an alarm, there is a fuel leak.

Main sectors using our Fuel Leak Wireless Detection System

Gas Station

Petrol Stations Standard Fuel leak detection systems Class I, II or III can’t detect leaks in joints or spills that occur outside pipes or tanks, Class IV can't detect leaks below 0,4 l/h allowing to have a spill of over 3.000 liters per year without notice.

Smart Sensor Technology Fuel Leak Wireless Detection System (Class V), will detect those spills not detected in class I, II, III and IV. SST leak detection gives the peace of mind that Petrol Stations Owners need.

Fuel storage is always risky. SST fuel leak detection system allows to monitor extensive areas in a very simple and cost effective way.

The fuel leak detection system 24/7 the groundwater of any facility, so you can focus on your core business.

Refineries with fuel leaks can create massive environmental problems. That would imply high remediation costs and damages in the business image.

Having a watchdog system like SST Fuel Leak Detection makes sure any possible contamination does not trespass the limits of your facility, saving money and associated problems.


Daily monitorings in 2019

CLH, Repsol, Cepsa, Galp, Wolftank