In 2009, as a result of discovering an uncovered need in the market, Santiago Ramas and Pedro Tabuenca founded Smart Sensor Technology.

Due to intensive work, they developed the Hydrocarbon Leak Wireless Detection System, a device that allows to 24/7 monitor any facility to detect oil pollution in groundwater. The system was awarded with the First Price in the creation of technology-based businesses contest by SODERCAN (Society for the Development of Cantabria) in its seventh edition in 2010.

Over the following three years the company concentrated all its efforts in improving the system. Those three years were a clear commitment of the founders in putting the quality and reliability of the Hydrocarbon Leak Wireless Detection as a cornerstone of its existence.

In 2014 the first systems were ready to hit the market, and the experience was a clear success. Its fast and easy installation and its reliability met in a high rate the expectations of the customers.

In 2015, more than 200 monitoring points were installed nation wide and 6 different companies were using SST monitoring equipment. Today, the company has consolidated its activity and thousands of systems are installed monitoring daily the premises of our customers.

In 2020 Global Agreement with WOLFTANK-ADISA, a major player in the industry, has been reached exacerbating our growth worldwide.

Our mission is to work with customers and suppliers to develop

innovative solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industry