EnviroALARM is a SME H2020 Phase 1 Champion and has obtained Seal Of Excellence in Phase 2 with a very high score. EnviroALARM is an eco-innovative online monitoring system specially developed to significantly improve the existing technologies for pollution surveillance, contributing to radically reduce the potential environmental impact from hydrocarbon storage sites.


There are over 800,000 sites with high potential to contaminate the environment (petrol stations, refineries, storage centers, etc.). At present, there is not an affordable and reliable system to daily detect hydrocarbon leakages affecting the environment.

EnviroALARM consolidates many functionalities of different technologies into one in a more cost-efficient way for environmental monitoring of petrochemical sites.


Based on the interviews with potential customers, distributors and trials with several customers with the first prototype, EnviroALARM will offer strategic market benefits:
Cost-efficient service. Environmental monitoring system provided as a service with a more competitive cost than alternative technologies (over 50% than alternatives).
Complementarity. EnviroALARM can be easily complemented with other leak detection systems to improve overall control in a simple and easy way.
No maintenance. The system will perform over 7 years without maintenance communicating the quality of the air/water daily.
Applicable in different media. The system can work detecting free liquid HC phase as well as HC vapors.
Simplicity and automation. Simple installation with easy-to-use wireless module that can be retrofitted in any site. It will be able to sense the correct installation sending an alarm in case of problem.
No false alarm. The sensor will retain a proof of the contamination that triggered the alarm. This will avoid the perception of false alarm in case of small, non-continuous leaks.
24/7 monitoring. Continuous monitoring based on its novel features and the extremely limited maintenance required.


EnviroALARM will change the way environmental monitoring is done. To find out more about the project contact us at santiago@sst-system.com