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Floats in the water/air interface and automatically adjusts to the water table variations. When a leak occurs, the sensor detects it and send the new status to the gateway through its transmitter and repeaters associated.

We provide different types of sensors depending on the pollutants, the installation and sensitivity required.



ATEX Zone II certified device attached to the sensor, reads and sends the sensor status to the gateway.

It fits on monitoring wells from 2” diameter onwards.



Dual Internet connection. Connect the gateway directly to a router or use a SIM Card (like a smartphone).

User-friendly. Using a Wi-Fi signal you can access the configuration page easily without opening or manipulating the gateway, you only need a smartphone or a computer.

Flexible. You can connect another companies sensors and track the status as easily as with our sensors.

A relay is included for leak warnings.

Database connection. You can decide to send (or not) the data to our server or an external server.

Smart Sensor Technology Web Application. If using our database, you can access a friendly and powefull tool. You can even configure the Gateway from your house or any place.


IoT Gateway

No civil work needed

SST devices are wireless and installed easily and quickly without need of civil work. A typical installation takes between 10 minutes and a few hours.

No false alarm

Sensors have a physical / chemical reaction in the presence of the contaminant, preventing false alarms. The sensor retains evidence of the existence of the contaminant.

No software installation

The systems are "plug and play". No need to install software. Data can be accessed through any computer or smartphone.

No maintenance

The system does not require maintenance. Designed to last over 7 years due to their robust design and long battery life.

General Features

ATEX and IECEx Certification
Complex and programmable wake-up
IP68 protection
Operating Temperature: -20° to +70°C
On-demand reading of instantaneous or logged values
Data monitoring and remote control
Programmable transmission, alerts and threshold management

RF Properties

Operates in license-free ISM 868 and 433 MHz
Designed for reliability, power savings and network coexistence
Power 25mW, 10mW and 500mW
Line-of-sight range up to 1km
Sensitivity: -110dBm @ 9.6kbps